2017 Taipei Chess Grading Tournament – Summer will be held on Jun 25th

2017 Taipei Chess Grading Tournament – Summer will be held on Jun 25th


  1. The regulations are based upon the Taipei chess grading rules of titles & grading.

(Please refer to the Rules of titles & grading www.chessassociation.taipei )

  1. Objectives: To popularize chess education in Taipei City.

To connect with world-wide chess players to build up sportsmanship.

To Strengthen chess players’ competition edge.

  1. Organizer: Taipei Chess Association
  2. Sponsors: : Taiwan Chase Chess Academy、Gigal Chess Club and 小黑馬西洋棋專業教室
  3. Date:

Date: 2017 March 26th (Sunday)

Scheduling: 9am check in; 9:30 Round 1

Competition Hall: 10F, No.86, Sec. 2, Xinsheng S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  1. Section & Eligibility
Sections Suggested qualification for registration only


1. Selected by National Representatives Final Tournaments

2. Grade 1 & 2 Chess Knight Title holders

3. Learning history exceeded 5 years or above



1. Selected by National Representatives Semi-Final Tournaments

2. Grade 3 & 4 Chess Knight Title holders

3. Learning history exceeded 3 years or above

3   Development 1. All chess fans and like-minded school students

2. Grade 5 & 6 Chess Knight Title holders

3 Beginners or anyone who loves chess


  1. Please refer to the Rules of Titles & Grading
  2. Suggested qualification for all sections before registration
  3. Registered players’ FIDE rating will be entered into Swiss Manager for pairing and all functions. For those chess players who have not yet acquired FIDE rating, Taipei Chess Association will enter preliminary rating by section before matches. Successful registration will be considered as agree with Taipei Chess Association entry data.

Consistently participating our tournaments will obtain Taipei Chess Association rating. There are 4 chess grading tournaments will be held annually.


Section Elite Advanced Development
Preliminary Rating 1500 1300 1100


  1. Rules:

7-1. Time Control:

For Elite & Advanced Sections: 25 minutes with 10 second per move increment.

5 Rapid chess matches at least.

For Development Section: 15 minutes per opponent. 7 Rounds per day.

7-2. Laws of chess: FIDE rules will be applied for pairing and tie breakers set up.

7-3. Participating Section less than 8 registered players will be combined.


  1. Participation

Register by Email ( taipeichessassociation@gmail.com  ) is preferred.

8-1. Individual registration: It requires payment will be completed before tournament.

8-2. Group registration:

Registration done by chess club, chess center & and chess academy, pay by check in is allowed.

Registration Fee: Taipei Chess Association membership pays NT$500 per tournament. Non-membership: NT$800 exclude lunch box.


  1. Registration Deadline:

Deadline is Jun 20, 2017 , Extra NT$100 for over time procedure.


  1. Award:

10-1. Top 3 participants per section earn trophy, certificate and medal.

Top 4-6 participants per section earn medal and certificate when total participants exceed 8.

10-2. Apply tiles & grading based upon real performance according to tournament.


  1. Appeal committee

The committee will appoint 3 respected persons to firm it up.

Chief of Taipei Chess Association

Senior coach with technical know-how

Experienced players will be preferred


  1. Taipei Chess Association reserves the rest of right to announce rules before games. Result will be uploaded to http://www.chess-results.com



2017 Taipei Chess Grading Tournament – Summer

Registration Form

Name Chinese English


Birthday   Gender  Male  Female

Meat     Vegetarian

Section Elite  Advanced  Development



Contact info Home:


Remarks 1. Complete form before deadline , Jun 20, 2017

2. Registration e-mail taipeichessassociation@gmail.com

3. Group registration is preferred

4. Individual registration must be done by payment transferred successfully.

5.. Fee: membership pays NT$500 for tournament & lunch box

Non-membership pays NT$800 without lunch box.

For membership & online registration in details, please refer to www.chessassociation.taipei



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