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2012, 6th Asian Dragons Chess Open Tournament 亞洲龍公開賽

Taipei Representatives Taipei Representatives



The Asian Dragons Open Chess Tournament 2012 to be held in Taipei, Taiwan, from August 14-21, 2012

The Asian Dragons Invitational Tournament was firstly held in Kaohsiung in 2007, being the first international chess tournament organized by Chinese Taipei Chess Association. The purpose of the tournament was to provide opportunity for developing players with ratings below 2200 to compete against players with similar strength, offering them a friendly yet competitive environment. With this purpose in mind, the tournament was played in round-robin format for the Open section and Under 16 section with players coming from the following countries: Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Korea and the host federation, Chinese Taipei. After many years of success, the host federation had received many requests to participate from countries other than mentioned above. Therefore, the organizers have switched the format to Swiss System in order to encourage more chess players to participate in this event and to spread and strengthen the chess culture. In keeping with its original Asian Dragons spirit, we continue to invite players from Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore and Korea but at the same time we now openly welcome players from all over the world.

team photo
team photo

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